Crofton Junior School

Crofton Holiday Club

The holiday club which we ran in the February half term was a great success and feedback from parents has been universally positive.   Please note, there will not be a Crofton holiday club in the Easter break; when we surveyed parents, there was not so much demand for a club during the Easter break.   We will continually monitor the situation, and should demand change. we will consider running an Easter club in subsequent years.

The next Crofton holiday club will be running in the May half term.   The club will run from 7.45 a.m. to 6.15 p.m., and the cost for a full day of exciting activities will be £35.00 per child.   We will be running cooking activities and lots of arts and crafts.   Further details are in our flyer, which you can see here, and you can also see the sports and activities which we have planned for our holiday club in May if you click here.  Places are limited, and are only available to children who attend either of the Crofton schools.   Morning or afternoon sessions are also available at a cost of £17.50 per session per child.

If you would like to register for a place at the Club, please complete the registration form below.   Can we draw your attention to the following:

  • Places will be offered based on the sessions which you request on the registration form, and if these are no longer what is required, the offer will be withdrawn, pending the club manager determining the availability for the revised sessions requested.
  • Once a place has been accepted, then the full fee will be payable in all circumstances.

The club manager will contact you in due course to confirm whether a place is available.   We plan to start offering out places in the week commencing 9 March.

To see the Holiday Club Policy Document, please click here.

We have lots of fun and exciting activities planned for the Holiday Club in May, so if you would like to see what the children will be doing, please click here to see our sports and activity timetables.

Holiday Club Registration Form

Please complete this form fully and submit. All forms will be date stamped as to when they are received to ensure that they are dealt with by date of receipt. Please complete a separate form for each child that you wish to register.