Crofton Junior School


Chief Executive Officer

Andrea Carter 

Executive Head Teacher

Wendy Giles

Head Teacher 

Susie King 


Assistant Head Teachers

Debbie Weaver 

Year 3 and 4 Leader


Georgina Baron

Year 5 and 6 Leader


Suzanne Leader

Inclusion Manager


Aimee Day (Thursday and Friday each week at Junior site)


NQT & Student Co-ordinator/Lead Practitioner across the Trust
Mrs Carter
Mrs Ellis


Lead Practitioners

Mr Bisley

Mrs Evans 


Mrs Ghansah-Poku

Finance Director

Mrs Singer 

PA to Executive Head 


Mrs Frost

Office Manager

Mrs Blake 

Finance Assistant 

Miss Seery

Finance Assistant 

Mrs Campbell 

Administration Assistant 


Mrs Rickard 

Administration Assistant 

Mrs Broad

Administration Assistant - Inclusion


Healthcare Assistant 

Mrs Welfare


Site Staff

Mr Zatloka

Facilities Manager


Mr Chapman

Maintenance Assistant 


Mr Tracey



Year 6

Miss Hudson (Year Group Lead)

Class 6C Teacher 

Miss Bromfield

Class 6R Teacher 

Miss Howard

Class 6O Teacher 

Mr Lugar

Class 6F Teacher

Miss Formoy

Class 6T Teacher 

Miss Horan

Class 6N Teacher 

Year 5

Miss Bateman

Class 5C Teacher

Mrs Matharu

Class 5R Teacher

Mrs Jones

Class 5O Teacher

Miss Reilly

Class 5F Teacher

Miss Aubert

Class 5T Teacher

Mr Bisley (Year Group Lead)

Class 5N Teacher


Year 4

Mr Lloyd

Class 4C Teacher

Miss Carrington (Year Group Lead)

Class 4R Teacher

Miss Wright

Class 4O Teacher

Miss Preston

Class 4F Teacher

Mr Unwin

Class 4T Teacher

Mrs Streets/Mrs Cantillon

Class 4N Teacher


Year 3

Miss Alden

Class 3C Teacher

Mr Beal

Class 3R Teacher

Miss Higgins

Class 3O Teacher

Mrs Barker

Class 3F Teacher

Mrs Schuhmacher

Class 3T Teacher

Miss Dixie (Year Group Lead)

Class 3N Teacher


Intervention Teachers

Miss Aubert

Visits Co-ordinator across the Trust

Mrs Cappaccio

Years 5 & 6

Mrs Hall

Years 5 & 6

Mrs Lynch

Across the Trust

Mrs O'Hara-Eugino

Year 6 Maths Groups

Mrs Petrides

Year 5

Mr Ramm

Year 5 & Enrichment Co-ordinator

Miss Russen 

Year 6 Reading & Writing

Forest School

Mrs Bisley - Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Atkinson

Mrs Blanchard

Mrs Emsden

Mrs Georgiadis

Mrs Gilbert

Mrs Hall

Mrs Jenkins

Mrs Lugar

Mrs Martin

Mrs Nagel

Mrs O'Malley

Mrs Perry

Mrs Preston

Mrs Scott

Mrs Travis

Mrs Walter

Mrs Wright


Mid-day Supervisors

Mrs Gilbert - Senior Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs Baker - Play Leader

Mrs Barrett 

Mrs Denne

Mrs Donovan

Mrs Jenkins

Mrs Johnson - Play Leader

Miss Kent

Mrs Kundu

Mrs Martin - Play Leader

Mrs McCarron

Mrs Miles - Play Leader

Mrs Minister

Mrs Preston - Play Leader

Mrs Scott - Play Leader

Mr Unwin - Play Leader

Mrs Weller

Mrs Wright - Play Leader


Breakfast & After School Club

Mrs Jarrett - Manager

Mrs Willoughby - Deputy Manager

Mrs Liddle - Play Worker

Mrs Moonjely - Play Worker

Mrs Prince - Play Worker

Mrs Sathiyamoorthy  - Play Worker

Miss Schlaepfer - Play Worker