Crofton Junior School

Admissions Information

Here we have information relating to admissions to the Junior school, with particular reference to children joining the school from Crofton Infants.

In-year admissions, for example if you have moved into the area and are looking for a school place for your child, are dealt with by the London Borough of Bromley Admissions Team, who also hold details of our waiting lists for all year groups.   Applications can be made online at

Junior School Admissions 2023-24

Please see the links below for our Admissions Policy and supporting documentation


 Crofton Junior School 2023 2024 Admissions Policy.pdfDownload
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 Children of staff supplementary information form.pdfDownload
 Exceptional need form (social & medical).pdfDownload
 Out of normal age admission.pdfDownload
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Junior School Admissions 2022 - 2023

 Children of staff supplementary form.pdfDownload
 Crofton Junior School 2022 2023 Admissions Policy.pdfDownload
 Exceptional social medical need form.pdfDownload
 Request for an out of normal age admission.pdfDownload
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Previous Years' Policies and Miscellaneous Admissions Information