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Extra-Curricular Clubs

We offer a variety of extra-curricular clubs at Crofton Juniors, both sporting and creative.  We also have a range of free clubs both at lunchtime and after school.

Clubs are an important part in child development of extra skills, hobbies, interests and friends beyond the day to day curriculum.

Clubs are operated by vetted external operators and as such have their own booking systems and dates. 

Full details of when and how to apply for a place are provided below, along with contact details should you have any remaining questions. 

Clubs do not operate during the half term breaks and enrolment is usually on a termly basis.

If your child is signed up for a club but cannot attend a session for any reason, please contact the club provider directly. 

Timetable: Summer Term 2024 


Music lessons can be arranged by parents to be held during the school day.  Bookings are made direct with Bromley Youth Music Trust.  Please contact the Trust for further information.

Bromley Youth Music Trust