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Reducing Parent Conflict - winter newsletter 


Autumn News from Bromley Y

The Autumn term is here and some young people will be finding it difficult to get back into the school environment after a summer of fun and relaxation.  Others may be starting a new school for the first time and some are coming up to their important exam years which can be anxiety provoking. 

We just wanted to highlight our webinars which are there to support young people and parents through these difficult months.   

Topics this term include the following - clicking on the topic will take you to the poster with a QR code to the Eventbrite page where the webinar date can be chosen and booked:  

For parents/carers:  

Helping children and young people with anxiety 

Emotionally based school avoidance 

Helping children with sleep 


For young people: 

Understanding and managing anxiety 

Tackling low mood and depression 

Managing Anxious Thoughts 

Healthy study habits 


Bromley Y Webinars   

Joining our webinars is easy – just click on the link below and look at the topics and dates that you are interested in, scan the QR code in the posters above or visit our website calendar.  They will take you to Eventbrite where you can book your place.    

·       Bromley Y Website Calendar 


Text Support for Young People, with a Bromley Y practitioner   

Young people can text Bromley Y on the number in the poster, to ask for support from a practitioner at The Signpost.   

·       Click here to see our poster with more information about The Signpost text support service.   

·       Watch our Video about The Signpost and how it works.   


With our best wishes for the Autumn term 


The Bromley Y Team